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Ingenio \in-gen-ee-o\ [Latin] 1: showing or calling for intelligence, aptitude, or discernment 2: marked by aptitude at discovering, inventing 3: marked by originality, resourcefulness and cleverness of design.

Ingenio Aerospace is an innovative technology firm. Our objective is to deliver world-class products and services that offer superior competitive performance.

Ingenio Aerospace has two divisions: a developer of major systems and a technical design house. We are focused on designing, certifying and manufacturing leading edge electrical and mechanical components for the aerospace industry.

The company’s market penetration strategy is to focus on specific segments while blending internal resources and strategic partnerships in order to deliver world-class results. Ingenio Aerospace believes that technology and resource development are central to product creation. We are committed to providing customers with unparalleled satisfaction through ingenious products.

Ingenio Aerospace is building relationships with top-tier aerospace firms in fields including: testing, certification, engineering, manufacturing and distribution.

 Ingenio Aerospace is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.